Trying to win over my clients

Today I did a personality quiz, for the most part the quiz didn't tell me anything new, however, it did reminded me of my weakness and what I would like to improve on - delivering bad news to others.

An area I have struggled with over the throughout my career is having difficult conversations with clients. Right now I have a client that is in need of a brand refresh, not because she requested it, or not because it’s poorly designed, but because she would like to focus her business on home-owners (mostly condo owners) living in downtown Toronto and millennials.

So I have two options 1- Tell her her branding doesn’t represent her where her business is currently at and work with her to develop something new; or 2 - just present her with a few different options and let that be the starting point of the conversation. Obviously working with the client is the right course of action, but it's the more painful of the two options for me.

Check back for an update on this dilemma.

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