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Social Media for Realtors or Anyone Really

Real Estate Agents alway ask me about social media and if they should use it. My go to answer is - use it, if they are going to be ACTIVE on it. There is nothing worse than saying you're social media savvy and you don't post anything (cough, cough), well anything that is relevant to your business.

I tend to tell agents they should have at least 2 social media channels. Facebook should be a no brainer, that is where everyone is and an easy way to get connect to potential clients, however make sure you have a Facebook Business page, there are many benefits to using a Business Page over your personal page. After that, use the ones that you are most comfortable with. I promote Instagram, it has the most user-friendly interface of all the social media channels.

A few of the other tips I tell my clients:

Create a social media voice/narrative

Have a CRM database

Post often

Create a schedule or drip campaign

Keep business and personal separated

If you have no idea how to use them, ask a wonderful millennial.

HAVE FUN, don't be boring

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