Come on agents, let's do better!

As you know social media has become an important tool for real estate agents, however, most agents are still learning to the various platforms effectively.

It’s stated that:

  • 44% of home buyers now find their home online - find their homes online

  • 91% of agents use social media at some level

But yet, the real estate industry has the lowest social media engagement rate of any major industry, generating an average of less than one reaction per post even though realtors post more social content than any other industry,- as per HubSpot, strange!

Unless your social media activity is translating into conversions at some point, it’s not doing your business any good. Here are a few things to keep at top of mind when posting.

  • Improve your social media engagement by setting a benchmark. Set a goal on the amount of engagements you would like to have. Check out your competition, how are there posts doing? However, keep in mind the number of follower they have vs. yours.

  • Post content that provides value to your followers during the time when they’re not actively in need of your service. Be true to you, have a few ideas ( buckets) that you can build your presence around.

  • Follow up with your followers. This is social media, but social. Take the opportunity to respond and build your relationship, this could be the key to turning your posts into conversions.

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