A Bad Idea. Plain & Simple


When an Agent sent this to me I was in shock, I just can't believe the poor judgment people have when advertising or posting on social media.

So from what I can tell a successful Real Estate Agent Gary Fayerman created this ad for his local newspaper in the Calgary area. I guess he thought it was funny or tongue and cheek, but it caused a serious uproar in his community. At first, he denied creating the ad stating that it was two different ads, the ad at the bottom was actually his, and then blamed the newspaper. But with a lack of backing from the newspaper he had to retract that statement. By the end of the day his ad reached Facebook and the Agent's page was flooded with the wrath of social media - see the 100 comments here


Not only should Gary Mr. Action Fayerman get blasted the way he did, but what about the newsletter that ran this ad. Did no Account Person, Designer, Editor pick up on this, or is this the result of just doing business.

My advice to the self-employed or small business owners, get the advice of others at least 3 objective people before posting or advertising anything that you MIGHT think is funny. I can't imagine anyone thinking this was a good idea.

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