5 Tips for Designing a Winning Presentation

1. Get Current.

Nothing is worse than an early 2000's Windows XP Powerpoint presentation. You can find some great modern templates presentation on Google Slides, Prezi or Creative Market. We prefer to design presentations from scratch, it makes it easier to incorporate your brand’s character into the design. Whether your marketing vibe is bright and youthful or more reserved and traditional, you can bring colour scheme, fonts, and structure from your collateral materials and build them into your presentation.

2. Be Highly Visual.

We live in a highly visual world. Choose photos that REAL, not cartoonish or overly staged. Images should be personalized and relatable. Charts and graphs should all have the same colour scheme and not random graphics pulled off the internet.

3.Less is More.

People are reading less, they don't want to hear you read your presentation, they want to look at your presentation while you talk. Persuasiveness goes down, particularly in PowerPoint presentations when you read word for word what's on the slide. Highlight the key points on your slides, provide a short explanation – and make notes of anything else you want to point out.

4. Don't Get Pixel'd!

You can't just grab anything off the internet and think that's gonna work. It won't! Make sure your photos are crisp, clear, high-resolution images.

5. Provide Proof That You Are Awesome.

Show your successes off, people like to know they are working with the best. There are 46,000 Realtors in the GTA 70% don't do swat. Have a few testimonials, just be sure to keep them short and sweet so the text doesn’t drag on and become redundant.

Sample Listing Presentation


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