What You Should Know About Facebook Ads

Advertising is a huge factor in getting leads for your real estate business. But before you start spending money on these ads, there are a few things that you need to know about how to optimizing them to get leads. Here are 3 things that Realtors need to know about real estate Facebook ads so that you can get the results you seek.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

You should educate yourself thoroughly on the pros and cons of using Facebook ads before you invest any time or money into them. There are plenty of advantages that Facebook offers as far as ads go, but there are also some pretty significant cons that you need to consider.

One of the biggest pros is the fact that you have access to such a massive audience on Facebook. Facebook has over a billion users, and more than 70% of everyone on the internet uses Facebook. What this means for you is that you can target more people and a more diverse range of people for your ads. It helps to know who your audience is to ensure that they are the people who are getting your ads. 

Facebook also has excellent tools that will help you better advertise to potential leads. For instance, Facebook Lookalike Audiences allows you to mirror several lists with your email list. You can easily find a pattern with this that will help you advertise using smartly targeted ads. Facebook has a tool called microtargeting, which is a highly useful and precise tool that allows you to focus on the audience in your location only rather than waste money on targeting people outside of your region. Lastly, they have re-targeting tools that allow you to retarget people who have visited your website in the past.

There are some downsides to consider, as well. A significant con that you need to consider is how expensive Facebook ads are. The unfortunate reality about Facebook ads is that you will have to outspend your competition if you are going to stand out. You may need to spend more money than you would like to get the attention that you want.

You are also limited to only people who are logged into their Facebook feed to see your ads. By buying ads on other platforms like AdWords, anyone on the web can see your ads, not just the ones who are online on Facebook. Having your ad be more visible is also important when there are certain groups of people who use other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. There are still many people who use Facebook, but you may not be reaching everyone that you want to.

Another disadvantage is that sometimes, their metrics are incorrect. Having inaccurate metrics is a significant criticism that people have when they choose to use this platform. Sometimes the metrics are overreported or inflated, which does matter to you. For one thing, any organic reach that you may have is often misreported. In recent years, they have started to address these incorrect metrics by using more tools that they believe will make the information more accurate.

It’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons here, you should know that Facebook is still one of the leading platform on which to advertise.

Knowing Your Demographics

Before you can understand how to purchase ads to best target your audience, you need to know what demographics to which you appeal. You can adjust your campaign based on the targeting options you need to get the most leads. Once you know your target demographic, you can target potential leads by their zip code, age ranges, and income. You can even target people who are renters, homeowners, or first-time homebuyers. There is also a behavior targeting that you can use for “those most likely to move.” 

What does this mean for you? You can create ads that will specifically target the potential leads you want to attract. For instance, maybe your real estate niche is working with first-time homebuyers who may not know a lot about the process. By targeting specifically for people in a specific age range and income range of people in your area that are looking to buy a home, you can target your ads so that these people will be more likely to reach out to you. 

If you aren’t targeting the right demographics for your services, you aren’t going to get those conversions. You need to know your demographics so that you can bring leads to your real estate business.

Creating Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

Knowing your demographics is essential when creating Facebook ads, but you need to know how to create ads that are going to be effective. Before you purchase any ads, you want to put some time into creating the ads that will result in conversions. Creating effective ads will increase your leads. 

There are some different approaches that you can take. One highly effective way to create effective ads is through creating videos. You can create an ad that has a video tour of one of the properties that you are trying to sell. Videos are great because they allow you to engage your audience better. They will be more willing to watch a short video than read a long post. You can make videos that introduce yourself, show yourself working in the community or even post a video of a giveaway. 

You can also create carousel ads that can show either multiple properties that are listed or various rooms in a listing. These are set up so that the potential leads can flip through the different images or features to see if there is something that interests them. These types of ads should mention where the property is located as well as relevant information, including the number of rooms, bathrooms, and acreage. 

These ads should be as transparent as possible. Some people have misconceptions about realtors, such as they are just salespeople that only care about getting their portion of their sale. This misconception means that it is incredibly vital for you to take the time to build up trust with your potential leads. Be direct and show realistic images in your ads. The listings should accurately describe the listed properties. Being honest and showing realistic images will help leads trust you, which will make them more willing to work with you.

In conclusion, Facebook ads are a great tool to use as you are marketing your real estate business. Facebook should not be the only marketing tool that you use to advertise, but this can be a great way to reach the most significant audience. Before you spend any money buying these ads, you need to be sure that you set up the campaigns to best meet your needs and your budget. Creating effective campaigns that will help you reach leads and increase your conversions.

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